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2020 Feb. sing for "" with Pf.加藤英介
2019 Nov. Certa Music Vocal Workshop with Pf.土田健/Bs.柳原達夫
2019 Jun. sing with Pf.中山雅世/Bs.柳原達夫/Sax.小形登 at Earlybird
2019 Feb. sing for "〇組" with Pf.中山雅世 
2018 Dec. sing with Bs.柳原達夫/Pf.山田百合子 at Earlybird
          Vocal School "Certa Music" open
          "Something Beautiful" updated
2018 Oct. private party ; sing with 土田健 
​2018 Jul. "Something Beautiful" updated
2018 Jun. sing with Pf.瀬木恭子/Bs.南山拓朗  at 音吉!meg 
2018 Apr. my jazz singer circle ALICE is brilliantly running!
2018 Feb. sing for "〇組" with Gt.細野よしひこ
2018 Jan. Hiroko's recital!
          start lessons for amazing Yuko
2017 Dec. start lessons for fantastic Kae 
2017 Oct. album "When I Fall In Love" updated on Youtube
2017 Aug. "Something Beautiful" updated
2017 Jul. sing for beautiful Ippei&Nana 
2017 Jun. "少年と獣" recording updated
          start lessons for sweet Tomomi
2017 Apr. Schedule" page opened 
          start lessons for wonderful Hiroko 
2017 Mar. "Something Beautiful" updated 
          "Job&Lesson Request" page opened
2017 Feb. sing for "〇組" with Pf.土田健
          start giving lessons for precious Yuko 
2016 Dec. sing with Bs.柳原達夫/Pf.土田健/Guest:Tap猪俣昌也 at Earlybird 
2016 Sep. website opened
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